Mole Negro Paste Imported from Oaxaca, Mexico


Our Mole Negro has the perfect blend of sweet & spicy ingredients, It is said to have a complex flavor profile as it has the most ingredients compared to its mole cousins. No wonder why it is the most difficult to make. It is said to have a nutty heat that is balanced with fried plantain puree. This mole uses the most chocolate in addition to cloves, cinnamon, cumin, hoja santa. Mole negro is traditionally served with turkey and other meats.

imported from Oaxaca, Mexico, our handmade mole sauce is raved about in el Centro de Oaxaca, made from our family’s long-lasting recipe you won’t be looking much longer for an authentic taste of the culinary state of Oaxaca.

usually served with any protein Chicken, turkey, or pork the vibrant smell of chocolate and over 10 different herbs and spices will have your family waiting for another mole dish!


8oz / 1/2 lb, 16oz / 1 lb


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